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Strike FOREX deals yourself; from your desk on real-time basis through our FOREXIM platform. Start making hassle free FOREX deals.


Offering to clients a single point of access to the main African and G10 currencies through secured FX trading platform whereby execution is just a click away.


  • Secure Web Access.
  • No more hassle closing deals telephonic; avoiding any time delays and costs.
  • Free Use No Charge.
  • A modern and automated way forward.
  • Track and View Transactions through deal tracker.

Click here to download the FOREXIM guideline (PDF file, 4.4MB)

Click here to download the FOREXIM demo application

Click here to download the FOREXIM live application.

Please note: You computer needs Java Runtime Environment to run the FOREXIM application. If you can't run the downloaded file, install Java Runtime Enviroment from here. 

Use username EXIMTZSUB.Treasurer1 and Password: eximtest1 for the Demo application.

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