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EXIM Cardholder Portal

Conveniently manage your card activities 24/7 via our secure, online cards self-service portal

Cards Self-service Portal

Cards Self-service Portal

Welcome to Exim Bank’s “Cardholder Portal”, a One-Stop-Shop that enables EXIM customers & card holders to manage their Card relationships (Credit & Prepaid Cards) with ease and self-service their needs by the click of a button.

Key Features of EXIM Cardholder Portal

View Account Summary 

  • Card summary
    • Shows the cards and balances (only for prepaid or credit card).
    • Shows the cards and as well as the  transactions of a particular card when selected.
  • Card Lock/ Unlock – Locks/unlocks your card upon the your wish. You will receive a One-Time-Password (OTP) to confirm the request.
  • Card hotlist – This will enable you to permanently  block the Card in the event your card is lost, stolen or damaged. You will receive an OTP to confirm the request.

Requests & Fund Transfer

  • My account settings – Shows  your customer profile.
  • Fund transfer – Transfer of funds between any of  your Exim prepaid cards.
  • Card replacement request – Enables you to request for a new card.
  • Download dispute form – Download dispute forms which you can fill and share with the Bank.
  • Raise dispute –  You can raise a dispute for a given transaction.
  • PIN request – Enables you to request for a new PIN.
  • Customer email – Send the email to the bank.
  • Inbox – Receiving emails responded by the bank.

Steps for Registration

  • First time users of card portal have to follow the First time login link and follow the guidance from the system to complete the registration.
  • The requested details are:
    • Card number (Prepaid or credit card)
    • Expiry date of the card
    • Date of birth of card holder
  • Debit cards:
    • In case debit card and registered credit card or registered prepaid card have the Customer ID, debit card will appear in card portal. You will you be able to access  all functionalities with regards to your Debit Card, excluding balance enquiry.
  • After correctly filling the requested details and click Generate button, a One Time Password (OTP) will be sent the mobile number you registered with the Bank.
  • After entering the  OTP and Clicking sign in, you will be required to complete registration by filling the your user name and password.
  • Now you can enjoy this great new service.
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