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Exim Bank Launches Campaign
for its Cash Management Solutions

cash management campaign

Dar es Salaam: August 16, 2019: Exim Bank Tanzania one of the leading banks in the country has today launched a corporate campaign in generating awareness of its Cash Management Solutions – a corporate service package that enables the bank’s clients to access to a slew of customized products.

The Bank offers several value adding cash management solutions including – Cash-In-Transit service, Host to Host services, Corporate Cheque Capture service and Cash Deposit Machines services. Exim Bank" Head of Marketing and Communications Mr. Stanley Kafu said during the campaign launch held in Dar es Salaam early today.

With our Cash Management Solutions, our customers can now forget about branch queues or worrying about branch closing times. The comprehensive solutions are designed to make commercial banking an exclusive and smooth banking experience for customers of different business sizes.

This comes part of Exim Bank’s overall strategy to reach beyond the limitations of its standard banking hours and geographical presence. Our cash-in-transit service offers secure transportation of cash and valuables from customers’ premises to the bank and vice versa using armored vehicles with highly screened and trained personnel to transport and protect cash and valuables.’’ He mentioned.

And with our Host- to- Host service, which is among the bank’s Cash Management Solutions, our customers will use our wider network of branches across the country to receive payments in cash, cheques or transfers from their customers and all their receivable/invoice reconciliation is automatically done. With this service, our customers may be able to reduce operating costs by reducing manual reconciliation inaccuracies and errors. We know how tedious it can be to reconcile receivables from multiple sources, and with this service, a hassle-free experience is guaranteed, said Mr. Stanley Kafu.

“Further, with the corporate cheque capture service, our customers using this self-service can, anytime, deposit cheques from any bank into their selected Exim Bank account, generate reports, monitor rejected cheques and check if the cheques are forged right at their business premises. Time is money and we help our customers manage them both, today for a better tomorrow.’’ He said.

Worrying about banks closure times and the growing traffic jams is a thing of the past. Our Cash Deposit Machines service is a smart self-service terminal at the customers’ premises that allows their cashiers or customers to deposit cash into their accounts at any time, according to Mr. Kafu.

“The moment you deposit you get an instant account credit and a notification plus a receipt. We are here to work in close collaboration with our customers to make sure our solutions add value in their business, reduce risks and minimizes costs of managing cash’’ he added.

He further pointed out that banking should always be done at your pace, your convenience and most importantly, smoothly. Exim Bank will continue to work tirelessly today to ensure a better tomorrow for our customers.


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